After drying the tears and answer "YES” to the long awaited question "will you marry me" you will have to face the hardest  challenge: to organize a good wedding, arguably the most important event in the life of two people.  

Once upon a time we relied on parents, aunts or friends; this is no longer possible because life is much frenetic  and there is no time; but  the wrong choice can make us lose a lot of money.

Today it is important to entrust to the care of a good wedding planner who with his specific professional will accompany the bride and groom in the identification of the location, the purchase of the white and dark suit or in the choice of wedding favors, revealing their secrets for a perfect mise en place, the rules of etiquette, the importance of the flower designer and music that will accompany the wedding. 

Paglia e Fieno ‘ s experts will support you in every single step, making discover the latest trends and the variety of styles: from ecological to complement a wedding picnic vintage, to those in a shabby chic style on the beach with chill out music , or weddings in farm enriched by Mediterranean cuisine;  wedding in villa with refined finger food or finally those in ancient castles with carriage and coachman.  

Paglia e Fieno will support you in all phases of the complex organization of your wedding, with the aim to make big memorable and happy every single moment of the most important day in the life of two people who love each other;  every choice will be the most refined and elegant.

We can  offer several alternatives, and we will tell you what we think most reflects the personality of the couple suggesting you how to be able to get the best results with minimum effort; but also making sure that we will pay attention to your requirements and that the final decision it will be always yours .

We look forward to seeing you at our showroom !